Camp Fair – January 25, 2014 – North Point Mall

Come see us at North Point Mall in Alpharetta, Georgia on January 25 from 11am until 4pm.

Campers and Alumni are always welcome to stop by. With luck we should be pretty busy, but we can always steal a moment to share with our Camp Dixie friends and family!

If you haven’t yet been to Camp Dixie, camp fairs are a great way to talk to us face to face. Let us tell you what makes Camp Dixie special.

Camp Dixie a poem by Erin “Salty” Boyd

We thought that we might mix it up a bit and post something rather new to include campers of today. Each summer we ask campers to write a poem or short story to be used as their meal ticket. Themes and subjects vary but all are based on the Dixie Spirit. This month we are posting a poem by Erin “Salty” Boyd a camper for 6 years. This year Erin will be a CT and thus making it her 7th summer at Camp Dixie.

Camp Dixie is great

Wouldn’t you agree?

Where the tiny frogs hop

And the butterflies fly free


When Pop J built this camp

99 years ago

It was only for the boys

Having girls was a no!


The sisters started to complain

Pop J said don’t be hating!

He built them a girl’s camp

Way up here in Clayton


The two camps were separate

But only for a while

Then the boys packed up and left

The girls welcomed them with smiles


Then one summer Miss Ann came

With the campers she did play

The next summer when she came back

She was there to stay


Miss Ann owned this camp

For a good many years

Then she passed away

And there were many tears


Now Rhonda owns this camp

It’s a job she does so well

Every summer the campers here

Think she’s very swell


The kids who come year after year

Make the memories great

Is this a big a coincidence?

Or is it just fate?


Every year when I arrive

I’m greeted with a smile

From counselors and CTs

Who’ll go the extra mile


Traditions here at camp aren’t sparse

But two stand out loud and clear

One is the tie around our necks

That reminds us friends are near


The second traditions happens once

Each year at summer’s end

A log at council fire is taken out

And passed on to remind us of our friends


Besides all of the traditions

You stay at camp is unique

Whether you stay for the whole summer

Or for only a week


Each year the girls do sisters

It’s always so much fun

We leave each other notes and gifts

Which strengthen bonds that have just begun


Each day we do five activities

That range from many things

From archery and riflery

To creekwalking and tra-mop-o-line


During free swim

At the dock you will see

Campers playing 7-9-12

Playing and swimming free


Every Thursday night

We camp out in the woods

We cook our own burgers

And hotdogs and they’re good


At the end of the week

When it’s time to say goodbye

The times spent here in Dixieland

Will be remembered for all time

It’s snowing here at Camp Dixie

Camp Dixie Lake as the snow falls

It’s snowing here at Camp Dixie. So many think of ‘Camp Dixie’ and ‘Summer’ as synonymous, but in Winter, Dixie can be a very different place. In Summer the hills echo with the sounds of children, today snow muffles all sound. Two words describe today, quiet and cold. Don’t worry, we have a fire in the fireplace and we spent the day getting boring work done on the computer. Meanwhile, outside the trees are traced in snow as great white flakes fall silently to the ground.

The trees covered in snow.
The trees covered in snow.


Words from the Past

As most of you know and others will soon hear Camp Dixie is preparing for her Centennial Celebration in 2014.  We are in the early stages of planning for this momentous event. This event will be an opportunity for all connected with Dixie to celebrate and express gratitude for this wonderful place and to honor those people who have made Dixie such a  lasting influence in so many lives.

And to remember those past leaders and campers, each month we will be posting
articles from the “Dixie Doings” . We thought it would be appropriate for the first article to be on the Camp Dixie Spirit. We hope that you will enjoy these words from the past and they will inspire you to sign up for the Centennial Celebration.

“Camp Dixie Spirit”

When a group of people are gathered together in an assembly of any kind, their happiness and the success of their meeting are determined largely by the spirit which exists among them.  The assembly whose members all have the same spirit of co-operation and service is able to accomplish the best results for its purpose.

Here at Camp Dixie we have a gathering of boys, collected from every part of our Southland.  We come here, many of us as strangers to each other at first, to pass a summer of fun and profit together.  If we would get the most enjoyment out of these two months, if we would make these two months count for most for each one of us, then we must try to create the best possible spirit in camp.

Last year one of the very best features of our camp was the splendid spirit shown by the campers. Every boy on camp seemed to have adopted as his motto: “All for one, and one for all.” That spirit prevaded the entire camp, the  boys practiced it in their every-day life, and the established the “Camp Dixie Spirit” as based upon that motto.

Let’s all adopt the “Camp Dixie Spirit!” Let’s make it the guide of our every-day program. It is a spirit of co-operation and service, of helpfulness and unselfishness. It looks always after the welfare of others, and sees that the other fellow is having the best time of his life. It teaches the beginner how to swim and play baseball better, it shows us how to sit up straight at the table, it makes us think of others first, and it helps us to work for the welfare of the camp as a whole rather than of individuals. It keeps everybody busy, but it keeps everybody happy and contented, pleased with the knowledge of helping others.

That’s the “Camp Dixie Spirit.” It’s the best in the world and it makes everybody happy who adopts it. If we get that spirit we can have just as good a time as is possible for anyone to have, and we will also be giving a good time to somebody else. The “Camp Dixie Spirit” —learn it, get it, practice it, and your will be the gain.

Wallace P. Zachary, July 7, 1917