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ZackThe real strength of any camp lies in its leadership. A specialized senior staff, who together have over 75 years of experience in the camping and recreation fields, coordinate all phases of the program. The college students and teachers who are hired as cabin and activity counselors are carefully chosen for their experience in their individual areas of instruction and for their desire to work with young people. Camp Dixie maintains a low camper-to-counselor ratio of 4 to 1 to ensure that each camper is well cared for and supervised at all times. Our staff strives to provide all our campers with a summer experience where they can grow socially, mentally, physically and spiritually. Taking home with them, memories they will treasure for a lifetime. More information

Special Events

Evenings and weekends provide opportunities to enjoy a number of fun-filled programs centered around each week’s unique theme. Celebrity Showcase, High Adventure, Wish You Were Here, and Christmas in July are just a few highlights of the summer. Games, costumes, and parties are all part of these programs which culminate each Friday in a full day of special activities. Dixie’s Wacky Olympics, and the Big Splash (canoeing and swimming events) are among some of our favorites. The “Spirit” of Camp Dixie is truly felt on Sunday evenings at Council Fire when campers gather around a campfire to sing songs, perform skits, and receive Activity and Honor Awards.

Religious Life

Chapel on Mt. MillionareThe entire atmosphere of Camp Dixie is Christian in character, and all campers are encouraged to do their best. Morning Watch, Sunday School, Chapel and Vespers are an integral part of our program. The serenity and beauty of our outdoor chapel gives everyone who worships there a sense of oneness with God.


Lodging at Camp Dixie is rustic, with two-story cabins as our homes. Activity areas include our own private lake, two volleyball and basketball courts, a large recreation building with stage, 2 athletic fields, a riflery range, 2 archery ranges, and 4 tennis courts. Naturally, with all the day’s activities, appetites abound. Our dining hall is well equipped, and campers will happily discover that our home-style cooking is delicious as well as nutritious. Modern bathhouses provide ample personal comforts. We also have an infirmary, and the hospital is just minutes away with a doctor on call 24 hours a day. Every effort is made to ensure the happiness and well-being of each camper.

Why is Camp Dixie special?

  • Small size. We limit our enrollment to just 70 campers during any one session so that we can meet the needs and concerns of each camper individually.
  • We are not about ‘stuff’. There are no blobs, zip lines, speed boats, or go-karts. We have a lot of fun activities at Camp Dixie, but “the fun” is not about things. We rely on the nature that surrounds us and our wonderful staff to make each child’s time special. We try to minimize the distractions of the outside world and maximize the attractions of the natural world.
  • Higher standards for staff. Our staff are the ones who create the magic at Camp Dixie. They are college students selected for their skills and experience with children. Most of our counselors were campers at Dixie and want to give back. They help the new campers fall in love with their new summer home – Camp Dixie. Our staff live in the same cabin as the campers (they do not have their own room). They are with the campers 24/7 with the exception of their day off.
  • Higher standards for campers. We require every camper to sign a Code of Conduct outlining the level of behavior we expect. Campers are held accountable for their actions and attitudes.
  • Rustic setting. The original cabins are still in use. Their history, and being a part of Camp Dixie, makes the tradition come alive. Our oldest cabins were built in 1919. While they are maintained and updated, they are still very recognizable from the old photographs. Year after year alumni visit and tell us Dixie looks just like they remember it.
  • More than just fun. We are a Christian summer camp and focus our program on character development. Our goal is to help everyone become the best version of themselves. The entire atmosphere of the camp encourages campers to do their best and to be ever aware of doing their best for others. Camp Dixie campers and counselors come from many different beliefs, religions, and backgrounds– allowing them a great opportunity to learn from each other. We work to make everyone feel comfortable and to learn from this unique environment.